"The man who moves a mountain begins with removing the small stones." Confucius

An investment in your employees, Enterprise or your life is a big and important decision. Whether it is the right one, depends primarily the focus that the aquierde knwoledge can be sustainably put directly into practive!


Economic changes for companies always require ever faster responses, for example, to master the competitive situation or meet  specific customer needs. Only when employees share the decision the company has chosen on, can changes become successful otherwise they are simply expensive.


Additionally to offering powerful trainings for companies, teams or executives,  the personal individual can also find impressive Workshops!


More and more we are confronted on a personal level with strong external influences. Daily we experience these catalysts that try to push us into a different direction. The art of maintaining control of the direction in which these influences are impacting us, depends on the angle of view we take and the lessons we want to learn. Specifically designed for the private individual iI offer impressive workshops fill this ever growing need to adjust to the daily demands in life and keeping the goals in the right perspective.

My successful training concept is based on 8 proven steps to success:


  1. A briefing, including an individual analysis of employees, teams and executives, to provide a tailor-made training concept that significantly increases the success rate
  2. Based on the method KISS.ME participants acquire a high level of motivation and identification
  3. Coaching
  4. An elaborate and highly effective tool in the form accompanying the ©Impulse Workbooks to the training sessions and Seminars. This has the additional benefit of being able to use the new features directly in everyday life.
  5. The integration of modern and very promising interactive training elements, as well as practice-oriented exercises, with the goal of optimally transporting the learned.
  6. A pre-, during and following through to the training concept
  7. I build on your corporate culture, beliefs and goals.
  8. Taking into account my own long years of experience as an executive manager

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Trainerprofile APENBERG
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Personal Trainings

  • Personality Development
  • Self-management
  • Goal Achievement
  • High Performance
  • Vision Management
  • Career & Talent Development
  • Women in Business


 Some examples:


"With 66 years life is only just beginning! How to live these next stages in life with a lot of joy and excitement.


""How to really be able to achieve my goals!"


"Nothing can damage me! How to gain more strength and capabilities in coping with lifes hardships, because `happiness is not the absence of problems, it is the ability to handle them'" (Steve Maraboli)


"Now it's my turn! How to finally lead a fulfilled life by finding my place and fulfilling my dreams." 

Professional Trainings

  • New Work
  • Working more agile
  • Company Attractiveness + Employer Branding
  • Employee motivation and commitment increase
  • Leadership and Cooperation
  • Exhibition & Event Management
  • Change & Innovationsmanagement
  • Team Building & Development




Some examples:


"Why do I need a strategy as a leader? As a Team? As an Entrepreneur? Advantages and the path to it"


"The Trade Fair & Event Business"


"Boost your companies attractivenss with the right key actions!"


"Success without team development is wishful thinking! What you have to watch!"


"Why a high value of employee engagement/employee motivation leads to success and how to get there!"

Are you planning a larger project or your topics may not be there? Contact me anyway. Through a large network of experts, I am able to handle projects with different focuses professionally for you.