You are searching for more clarity, identification, substance, motivation or success - as a person or as a company?

Recognize possibilities. Implement opportunities. Ensure success.


Reach your results - more effectively and efficient than before!


Bringing projects and goals to success is the strength of APENBERG IMPULSE. Find the right and best practices and thereby generate added value at various levels: clarity in the matter, power in action, participation of all concerned, sustainability and long-term dynamic.


APENBERG IMPULSE is your partner in productivity and potential enhancement for processes and people! Receive your professional support and practical expertise

through various selectable format offers.


All three areas of expertise: consulting, training and coaching, can also be carried out in German.




Clients for consulting are:

Exhibition Centers
Family-owned Companies
Medium-sized Enterprises
International Corporations
Organizations & Confederations 
State, Country & Federal Institutions 

Clients for Trainings are:

Family-owned businesses
Educational Institutions 
Organizations & Associations (Industrial, Federal & States)
Companies & Agencies
Individuals with a professional focus
Individuals with a personal development Focus 

Clients for Coaching:


family-owned businesses




Career Starters

People and organisations in changing or challenging situations