"You can never solve problems with same thought patterns, through which they have arisen" Albert Einstein 

With systemic coaching, the focus lies on a solution- and resource oriented coaching, which is mainly process-oriented and always at eye level.


Together the coach and coachee go on a journey, to develop effective solutions for the coachees situation and to implement them successfully and efficiently. With my individual accompaniment as your coach, you will receive professional support, as an individual or small group, to find your own effektiv solutions and achieve new perspectives suitable for you.


This coaching format is a holistic process with the aim to improve one's own well-being and to increase performance, taking into account all relevant system levels that are relevant in your respective environment.

Focus Points

Your advantages with business coaching...

  • to position yourself optimally in your profession (whether as a woman, as a man, young or with experience)
  • to use career coaching to effectively reach your goal
  • Potential Development - Success Coaching
  • to master major challenges (change management)
  • to find the right way for a professional reorientation
  • when improving your management skills through an individual executive coaching
  • to use leadership coaching to increase your leadership development.
  • increasing your teams identification & motivation
  • to get out when stuck in an career crises
  • when wanting to prevent a burnout
  • handling professional new management tasks
  • To master pitfalls, effectively plan, realize and ensure success!

Your advantage with personal coaching...

  • to find a meaning in your life
  • to make your visions and goals finally come true
  • finding the right important decision and to implement it
  • to increase your resilience
  • finding the way to financial freedom
  • master big changes successfully and come out the winner
  • To reconcile the compatibility of private life and work (Work Life Balance)
  • re-discover life with 40+, 50+ or 60+
  • overcome your own weaknesses, fears, uncertainties and finally reach an inner peace
  • orientation and support for young people (15+)

Your advantages with company coaching...

  • Improving the operating climate and increasing the direct performance of teams / employees
  • clarify your own vision, the vision of the company and its implementation
  • promoting success in project / team development
  • increase motivation of your employees
  • improving communication between employees, teams or the interfaces
  • taking the correct ethical path when jobs are cut. (Outboarding)
  • ensuring or achieving a higher employee engagement value
  • strengthening team resilience in times of big changes
  • Improving management skills of your executives
  • developing and evaluating new strategically options, including designing the right action plan

You have it in your hand!


With professional coaching YOU have the opportunity to reach your dreams and goals much faster and way more successfully.


Take the first and most important step and get in touch with me right now, because this will save YOU precious time of YOUR life!


I am looking forward to meeting you and focusing on your new and wonderful future!

You have a different focus and it is not listed here? Call me and we can decide together which way will be the right one for you!