"Whoever is doing only what he already can, remains only the one he already has" Henry Ford

To make the impossible possible!

Do you need a short-term support in planned or temporary projects? Or have you gotten into a situation where the events have overrun you and your resources are a bottleneck that makes it very difficult to be more productive? Then I can help! I can successfully support you on numerious types of problems, where I can bring my competencies and successes into areas that are not traditionally found in the classic company consulting. Due to my professional development over the past, the true troubleshooter, strategist and service-oriented specialist has emerged in me.


If you are looking for answers to the questions below, tune me in. Consulting ist not just giving the project a new name and making beautiful slides! Consulting, if used properly, can do tremendous things, enormously expand the company, reduce unnecesary resources, save costs and thus create a high human and entrepreneurial value. For this, I am committed to generating sustainable success by going more effective ways to reach your goal.


My support can be offered alternatively in the form of an interim manager or in the role of a consultant. As an interims manger I can take over management tasks with a clearly defined time limit. The period is between 1 to 12 months and is terminated as soon as the agreed target is reached or the defined problem is solved.


In the following areas I offer my extensive experience and competence to solve your challenges:


Are you looking for the right solutions, strategies, and concepts for your human resources including a success measurement?


For the following questions, I can help you out:


... do you have an HR strategy?

... how do you measure your HR successes?

... ho you want to reduce absenteeism?

... are facing the challenge of not being able to recruit new Talents? Have vacant jobs?

... are your measures for employee engagement, identification, and motivation at all up-to-date?

... are you talking about Gender & Diversity Program or really doing it?

... do you want to embed work-life balance programs?

... do you intend to effectively implement change processes with your employees workforce? And keeping the course?

... is your work safety protection up to scratch?

... are there any relocation or construction projects that effect your employees productivity?

... what image does your HR have? Should there be any difference?


Profit Center

With profit centers, companies create an organizational structure that is supposed to be faster, more flexible, more cost-effective and more customer-oriented. Because these organizational units work independently and should make a profit. Profit centers are therefore organized in a process-oriented manner and the processes geared mostly towards products and customers.


Is your Goal to have ….


… more customer orientation and more success with your profit centers?

… create small, innovative, market-oriented and powerful units and regain flexibility?

… a clear focus on individual, value-creating areas?

… more freedom and responsibility for employees at the operational level  (agile projectmanagement)?

… profit from a greater employee motivation? Because employees recognize that their actions and actions contribute directly to the success of their profit center!

… use the effect of better opportunities to determine and improve the profitability of individual areas? 


... do you want to finally streamline management processes again?

... do you want to use your resources more effectively?

... do you intend to establish optimal interface functions?

... do you need solutions for administrative crises?

... would you like to get to know the potential and cost reduction in the administration & administration?

... are you planning to move from "Cost Center" to "Profit Center"?

... do you want to enable innovation management in the administration as well?

... do you intend to fine-tune your company's image and need the appropriate concept?

... do you want to pool competencies and use resources more effectively in new teams, departments or as an "in-house agency"? 

... do you plan to build new departments or competence centers?

Local / Stationary Trade

You are looking for ...


... ways to expand your local competitive advantage through the right event formats? Whether just as a concept with checkliste or an on-site support, you decide!

... having a stronger focus on online marketing in the future?

... achieving a better working atmosphere?

... to really find out about how your customers see you by getting a strengths & weakness analysis that includes potential and solutions for the future?

... need a mystery shopper for different intervals?

... a way to set new business priorities, but do not know how?

... a way to drastically do changes but are insecure how to go about it?

Exhibition Industry

Tune me in when ...


... as a trade show organizer, you would like to make your trade fair more attractive?

... you seek a higher number of visitors?

... want to modernize your measurement concept?

... are you planning to take advantage of image campaigns for special areas or measurement inputs?

... is your goal to increase exhibitor satisfaction?

... you want to take advantage of trade cooperation and synergies?

... need additional sources of income?

... would like to expand your services?

... your goal is to make it more efficient projects, processes or modifications effective?


You need...


... new event concepts? And also someone who controls them and / or successfully implements them?

... an event strategy as a company or sector?

... to modernize your portfolio as an agency or freelancer?

With your Input, I can gladly make suggestions on how the further course of action can look like. Just contact me and we will discuss everything else.