What is coaching?

Coaching basically is used in any professional or private life situation. The human beiing is seen in his or her unique individuality. In coaching the talents and capabilities of the client (coachee) is made transparent. This is how "the best" in people is awakened, the path of success is recognized and achievable. The role of the coach is not only to support in taking the right path, but to help choose the different options, to always question which is the right path, to remind to stay on the path in front of you and to take the steps togehter!.


When is coaching the right decision?


Individual coaching creates a space where you can anylise and focus on your life and goals, dreams and desires. Something that we have barely a chance to do in our hectical lives. The central question is what do you really want in your life - in your relationships with yourself and others, your profession or business and in your personal development? If you want to deal with a personal or professional challenge, overcome a crisis or want to make a development step, You should take the first step an contact me! Togehter we can master the steps!

The coaching process is elemental to be clear about where you stand in your life, where your blockages are and how you can overcome them. It is about finding questions that will make you aware of your own solutions and bring you strength, so that you are better able to act, and to find other perspectives. Often there are conflicts in the outside, accompanied by unpleasant inner dialogues, which persuade us of our supposedly inability, guilt or failure. With me as your coach, you will have the opportunity to develop a new perspective on your current situation, to be able to act, to master the challenges or to implement a plan of action in a realistic way.

What is "systemic coaching"?

Systemic coaching focuses on a solution- and resource-oriented consulting format. With my individual accompaniment as your coach, you will receive professional support, as an individual or small group, to find your own effektiv solutions and achieve new perspectives suitable for you.


This coaching format is a holistic process with the aim to improve one's own well-being and to increase performance, taking into account all relevant system levels that are relevant in your respective environment.

Systemic coaching offers the possibility competencies, scope of action and prospects for a team or an individual to expand. At the same time, it promotes the personal / professional development within the respective phase of life. 

What are the next steps?

A coach supports you to set your defined goals and to develop individually appropriate and workable solutions. Goal achievement is the main focus in coaching, since a coaching process is only successful if the agreed upon goal is actually achieved.


For the long-term success is a continuous rhythm important. As a rule, the first coaching session lasts aproximately 2 hours, each further conversation takes 1 - 1.5 hours. At the beginning, weekly meetings are recommended. In order to sustain the desired behavioral change, a conversation once per month can be sufficient. Coaching is a process where the beginning and end is always determined by the client (caochee).


First of all, an objective clarification interview will take place in order to determine which positive changes or goals you want to achieve. The next step is to make aware and reinforce your resources and strengths as an individual or small group and be cognizant of the issues that prevent you from reaching the goal. Then the focus is on the development of an action plan and to implement measures that make ensure the transfer of actions.


"Even the longest path begins with the first step." Confucius


Each task requires its own rhythm and duration to achieve the individual solution, because there are no guidelines. Just take the first step towards your new goal and contact me without any obligations!

Your expectations?

As a coach, I am your neutral conversation partner, appreciative and completely open minded, unprejudiced and nondiscriminatory. Together, we reflect, think and discuss your topics at eye level. I support you with total confidentiality to reach the target. My methods are based on mirroring and questioning techniques, strengthening resources, visualizations, clarity and transparency, and sometimes provocative. Everything that serves the goalachievement and - in the end - your success and satisfaction.


Please note that ...


... a coach is not a substitute therapist


... as a coach, I am aware of the ethical and moral duties.


... the past is not analyzed, that is, no cause researching will take place. The focus is future-oriented


... as a coach, I am not a decision-maker for you.


... you are aware of your own responsibility. You can always decide for yourself.


How long does it take?

The coaching process is a very personal and moving process which is also very confidential. The first non-binding interview should always be a personal meeting. This gives both the opportunity to get to know each other as a coach & coachee, and to make a positive decision for further cooperation.


Thanks to today's digital age and possibilities, we have large number of technical options available to us that we can use for meetings. Please note that face tot face meetings offer the most potential. Together, we can discuss when and how the meetings for coaching are best for you.


Experience shows that the average coaching process includes 3 to 5 meetings (each 90 minutes).